Meyers Green Services
Meyers Green Services
6081 Columbus Pike Ste B
Lewis CenterOH 43035
 (614) 210-1194

Reviews Of Meyers Green Services

4.91 35 Reviews
Abbie Hyland
Jan 16, 2018

Meyers Green Services is a quality organization willing to give back to the community! - Side Effects Inc.

Kristen Hughes RevLocal
Jul 06, 2017

Chris Andersen
May 30, 2017

Gary, thanks again for your time along with Mat to come by and see our "alien dead grass stripes and dead grass area around the bush". Even though we are all perplexed as to the cause, I and my wife are appreciative of your intended efforts to restore my lawn back to normal. Since your visit, we have mowed and believe we see some indication of the lawn trying to heal itself. The dead area will need some attention for sure but the stripes seem to be fading. Rather than take your staff away from far more important work, we are ok with digging up the dead area and sprinkling some grass seed hoping it will take ourselves. Just knowing Meyers cared enough to offer time and effort was more than we can ask for. You folks really are the best and I'm pleased to be one of your accounts. Thanks for your commitment to my satisfaction.

May 04, 2017

We are very new customers with Meyers Green Services but have already seen a big improvement with our yard in addition to the wonderful customer service provided. Thank you!

Belinda ZIpf
May 02, 2017

Provided lawn services for us for years. Always professional, responsive to our needs, rates reasonable.

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