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Bird-Friendly Lawn Tips

Bird-Friendly Lawn Tips

If you yearn to experience the serenity of enjoying the songs of the wild, then begin by creating a natural refuge for birds’ right in your backyard. Enticing a variety of birds to your property is easy if you take the time to learn what they need and build your garden around what they find too hard to resist.

 How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Installing a few bird feeders is a good place to start, but if you want to enjoy the splendor of birds year-round, you will want to turn your yard into a real bird-friendly paradise. To do this, you need to remember these important facts:

  • Birds need a variety of food sources. Every species of bird has their own dietary requirement. Some eat bugs, nectar or seeds, while others prefer fruits or nuts. Consider what kinds of birds that you want to attract and then be sure to offer plantings that will satisfy their hunger.
  • Birds like diversity. Few birds are attracted to the standard low cut lawn. There is nothing there to grab their interest. Instead, opt for allowing some grasses to grow higher, plant some long tubular flowers along with shorter perennials, add a water feature, and be sure to include some structures of varying heights (like nesting trees, birdhouses, vines, etc.).
  • Birds need protection. Does your yard offer places for birds to hide from the wind and storms? If not, consider adding some hedges, or even a solid fence to offer protection from the elements.

Choosing the Right Plants

When picking the plants for your garden area, be sure to consider the kinds of birds that will be settling there throughout the year. And be sure to include a few enticing options for them. For instance, shrubs like holly bushes provide berries for the long winter months, while cherry trees offer a good place for nesting (and a food source) for breeding birds in the spring. Migrants like dogwoods and songbirds rely on both the bugs found in many trees to sunflowers grown in the garden. When choosing plants, be sure to consider:

  • What grows naturally in your area. Native species of plants tend to attract native birds. Plus they are more likely to survive the weather and soil alterations in your area.
  • Plants for all seasons. If you want to enjoy bird watching through your windows all year long, you had better offer plants for every season. This includes trees and bushes for nesting and winter protection, as well as a food supply for every season.
  • What looks nice. Just because you are building your landscaping to attract birds doesn’t mean it can’t look nice too. Be sure to include plenty of seasonal offerings and lots of color to make your yard shine.

Birds need protection. Does your yard offer places for birds to hide from the wind and storms? If not, consider adding some hedges, or even a solid fence to offer protection from the elements.

Preparing Your Garden Space

Preparing for planting requires caring for the soil as well as outlining the entire garden space. Be sure to add a border to help contain the area and be sure to remove any turf and invasive plants.

Caring for Your Garden

Creating a native habitat for birds isn’t the same as planting a garden for your own enjoyment. While you can still make it look beautiful, there are a few unique things to remember:

  • Leave some weeds. Get rid of the invasive weeds strangling your garden, but leave some of the native ones. They offer good cover for birds and also some extra food.
  • Leave the rake in the garage. Allowing fallen leaves and other natural debris to remain in the area offers moisture for soil and provides a place for insects and moth caterpillars to thrive (which helps feed baby birds).
  • Leave some seeds. Don’t dead-head all of your blooming flowers. Let a few go to seed for feeding birds that make their way to your garden space.

Creating a Mini-Refuge

Creating a mini-refuge on your property is a wonderful way to attract all types of bird species. Not sure how to begin? Call the experts at Meyers Green Services. They can help you design the perfect refuge that birds will love and that you can enjoy.

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